What Are The New Monster Families

Diablo has been a franchise for some time, with the first title in the series released in late 1997. With nearly 23 years to go by the next year, the next Diablo IV has a long history.

So how do you keep fighting and hostile enemies interesting after two decades? Much of the gameplay in the Diablo franchise has been based on slaughtering huge hordes of monsters, so how can you keep this interesting after the first few thousand deaths? What Are The New Monster Families Coming To Diablo IV?

The Diablo gameplay developers decided to completely reinvent the enemies, now classifying them as families. It’s not a huge difference from what we’ve seen before, but the way they have made each family feel unique is where the change is really taking place.

To this end, the designers of Diablo IV have reinvented the enemies of the game in a darker and more grainy artistic style. Candace Thomas explains how the designers built each creature from scratch, including demons, NPCs, bosses and even smaller creatures that hover like an atmosphere.

However, not everything was scrapped and rebuilt. The Fallman Shamans, for example, will revive their killed comrades as they have always done. In other places, however, things have been completely rebuilt. We have a few names for some families to come – The dead, the drowned and the cannibals – but we don’t know much about them yet.

So far, one family we look at decently is the Cannibals, a tribe of vicious man-eaters who attack villages in the dry steppes for human livestock. This family fills a unique and interesting archetype with fighters while melee without ranged abilities. Instead, the Cannibals rely on inhuman speed and jumps to bridge the gap to lead the fight to their enemies with fast, double-handed attacks that shoot down their target.