Minecraft Conduit: The Item That Grants Status Effects To Everyone Around It

Minecraft Conduits were added back in update 1.13 for the Java Edition, and for Bedrock, Edit Conduits were added in update 1.5.0.

These items add effects to nearby players, and these effects include water breathing, night vision, and haste status effects all of which are great when stuck underwater as players are often slower and cannot see underwater.

The Minecraft conduit is manufactured through a total of eight Nautilus shells and a single heart of the sea, after the manufacture of the conduit, players will still need to activate the conduit. The problem comes from finding the heart of the sea, which can be found by following a treasure map at the location and discovering the treasure chest hidden in the ground. Minecraft Conduit: The Item That Grants Status Effects To Everyone Around It

To activate the Minecraft conduit, players will need to place the conduit in a valid prismatic / marine lantern structure to activate it. With the Conduit enabled, a player could easily set up an underwater base perfect for players who want to stay hidden or keep an element of surprise for attackers in a multiplayer server.

This act also acts as an achievement; the realization is called Moskstraumen; this achievement gives the player a total of 50 G.

To activate the conduit, the conduit must be in the center of a volume of water 3x3x3, which must be enclosed in an activation frame. This activation framework is constructed from blocks in three 5 × 5 open squares centered on the conduit, one around each axis.