GTA 4 Is Coming To Steam In March

The GTA series has been solid for years now. Each installment seems to be better than the last. One of the most memorable in terms of storytelling was GTA 4. This put us in the shoes of Niko Bellic, an Easter European who came to Liberty City to find what he believes to be the American dream. Everything about him as a character is perfect, from his accent to the way he approaches less than ideal situations.

GTA 4 was previously available on the Steam platform. However, it was withdrawn earlier in January due to technical problems. It seems that these have since been developed by Rockstar, and from March 19 the game will be available again on the store. Only one major feature is missing: online multiplayer.

One of the most important features of any Rockstar game will be missing. But there is a reason for this. You see, Games for Windows Live no longer exists. This makes it impossible to obtain new keys, which ultimately prevents Rockstar from selling the version of GTA 4 that includes multiplayer. GTA 4 Is Coming To Steam In March, But There Will Be No Multiplayer

It’s not what many players hoped to do a year from, especially those who enjoyed the game when it was released in 2008. At the time, the multiplayer of the game was revolutionary. You can jump online and enjoy all kinds of actions in Liberty City with others. Whether it’s racing cars or seeing how much money everyone could raise in a given period of time, online multiplayer has provided so many great memories that really brought this series of sandboxes to life open in a new direction.

Although the multiplayer is missing is a huge success, GTA 4 on Steam still seems worth reviewing if you no longer have a copy of the game. The single player campaign is as good as possible for the series. Niko is so easy to find before events even get a chance. He is immersed in a world filled with per