At Last, Mount And Blade II

Finally, the Early Access version of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord gets an official release date: March 31, 2020. The highly anticipated title – and the sequel to Mount and Blade: Warband – still popular, has been on everyone’s radar. world for what feels like decades at this point.

The early access version of Bannerlord will be available for download and playback on Steam in just over a month. The developers, TaleWorlds Entertainment, have already talked about their choice to release early access, saying they are looking to work alongside their players to deliver a successful new generation of Mount and Blade. At Last, Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord Official Early Access Release Date Is Announced – March 31st 2020

For all those who closely follow the development of Bannerlord, it is clear that the game has been running for several years. This early access announcement trailer came from August and let everyone know that the game would finally be playable in March 2020.

After a Steam announcement today, the game will be available from March 31 – at the very end of this tight deadline. You can put it on your wish lists now and pre-order the game to access it now.

Mount and Blade, for those who have lived under rock gaming for 20 years, is a must in the RPG genre. Using full rags as a character in a wide open world, Mount and Blade: Warband was one of the first games to include a world map and a close combat map.

Warband was not a mind-blowing game graphically, and some of the tactical management elements are clumsy at their best, but it has a strong cult following. Many still play the game to this day, thanks to the large community modding community that offers total review mods, such as

Prophesy of Pendor.

Bannerlord takes over the original Warband mechanics and reorganizes them for the 2020s. Although the trailers show that the graphics are not much different from its predecessor, the scope of the battle should be much greater. Hundreds and hundreds of soldiers, all gathered by yourself and c