Monthly Archives: May 2020

Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Beach Body In Aquamarine Two Piece Bathing Suit

Elizabeth Hurley has her own line of swimwear and there is no one better to model styles than the actress from Austin Powers, 54. Her personal Instagram account and her official Elizabeth Hurley Beach Instagram accounts are full of photos of anti-aging beauty wearing bikinis and showing silk dresses in a variety of tropical destinations […]

Porsha Williams Makes Fans Happy With Throwback Pics Of One Of Her BFFs For His Birthday

Porsha Williams has celebrated the birthdays of more friends over the past few days. To start, she made sure to write a birthday message to mark the birthday of Kandi Burruss on social networks. ““ Atl done came aht ”😂🎉Happy birthday @kandi wishes you a lot more! # DivaDay🔥 You will all listen to a […]

Kenya Moore’s Daughter, Brooklyn Daly’s Latest Photo Session Reveals The Miracle Baby’s Happy Place

Kenya Moore appears to have had a new photo shoot with her granddaughter, Brooklyn Daly. She has posted some new photos featuring her miracle baby on her own social media account, which Kenya created in 2019. Here, she likes to keep Brookie fans up to date with all kinds of messages. People are really thrilled […]

Tristan Thompson Files Lawsuit Against The Woman Claiming He’s Her Child’s Father!

As you may have heard, a woman by the name of Kimberly Alexander claims that her child was fathered by Tristan Thompson and she continues to say so despite a paternity test proving that this is not the case. As a result, the basketball player has respected his previous threat to chase her! Khloe Kardashian’s […]

Quantum League Is An Upcoming Arena Shooter Set To Release On Steam May 26, Get Ready For a Time Paradox Shooter Unlock Any Other

Nimble Giant Entertainment has announced the release date of its next Quantum League multiplayer shooter. The game takes a revolutionary approach to competitive online shooters allowing players to fight in a time loop. By teaming up with their future and their past, players can participate in breathtaking, time-defying matches. The game has gone through a […]

Minecraft’s New Material, That Is Stronger Than Diamond But Is Tough To Find, Netherite

As recently as yesterday, we explored the update for Minecraft, but we left out one of the main elements. This article was the new Netherite material and how to get this incredibly hard to find material, making a Netherite ingot is also quite a process even when compared to mining and looking for standard diamonds. […]

PlayStation 5’s Reveal Event Is Set To Announce Games Coming To The Next-Gen Console

The next generation of Sony consoles stayed in the news for a bit in 2020. Whether we are talking about unfounded rumors or praising the technological advances on display, it seems that the PlayStation 5 has a lot of buzz around it. Of course, why wouldn’t he do it? A new PlayStation console is always […]

Bandai Namco Announces Exclusive Mobile Game Tales of Crestoria Will Release Worldwide This June

Bandai Namco has announced its exclusively mobile mobile game, Tales of Crestoria is now available for pre-registration before its release in June. The game was first presented at the Tokyo Game Show and slated for release in 2019, but it has been delayed. Tales of Crestoria is part of the Tales series. The release will […]

Fnatic’s Top Laner, Bwipo, Says Map Movement Is Foreign To Most Western Solo Queue Players

In the past few years, most League of Legends players have now learned that one of the most important things to master in the game is knowing when to flip the map to help your teammates. But in a recent stream with LS and IWillDominate, Fnatic’s top featured laner, Bwipo, said that “this type of […]

Animal Crossing New Horizons Community Has Created A Guide To Breeding Every Hybrid Flower In Only A 12 By 12 Plot

For all its relaxing childlike exterior, the latest episode of the Animal Crossing franchise is surprisingly deep and complex. One of the most complicated aspects of New Horizons is the selection of hybrid flowers. In previous titles, flower selection was as simple as 2 + 2. Placing a red and white flower together always has […]